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      Additude is a great website, full of information, but it the layout is so
      distracting. All the side bars and links to articles within articles,
      pop ups, having to hit next to get next part of articles leaves too room for us not to finish

      I often get distracted and side tracked or see something I want to read
      but then can’t find it again

      Seems kind of ironic for a website about ADD to be distracting
      can there be a simpler design or a master list of articles somewhere
      in an more ordered fashion so information can be disseminated more logically

      I am very grateful Additude exists but please a less “noisy” layout would be helpful

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      Anni @ ADDitude

      Hello QueenD:
      Thank you for reading ADDitude and for this feedback; we will be sure to share it with our advertisers. In the meantime, I wanted to point out a few tools that might aid your online reading:
      – When logged in, you can now use the SAVE button at the top right of any article to save that article in your personal reading list, which is accessible via the SAVED ARTICLES page in your member center
      – To read any article or slideshow without ads, use the Print icon (next to the social media icons at the top) to view and save the article as a PDF
      – You can also use the RSS feed reader of your choice to see new ADDitude headlines in a simple format. Just enter into your feed reader.

      Anni Rodgers

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      OMG YOU READ MY MND! I said the EXACT same thing to my ADHD Coach! I will offer my hack, I use the news feed I rec in emails.It helps limit my sensory overload. 🙂

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