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      Hi all,
      I’m a recently diagnosed adult with ADHD (I also have anxiety, but that was diagnosed years ago).
      My psych had me try Ritalin, and I kinda freaked out at the end of the 1st week.
      So, we circled back, and she put me on Guanfacine (in addition to the escitalopram I’m on, which she wants to ween me off of, since it’s not really addressing my anxiety any more), saying that we needed to nip my anxiety in the bud first, but that the Gaunfacine would likely improve ADD symptoms too.
      When I last saw her, I mentioned that my anxiety was pretty much under control, and that I had some mild improvements in ADD symptoms too (I’ve been reading whole books! W00t!), but she said I shouldn’t be scared to try the Ritalin again during the day.
      At her advice, I took half the dose of Ritalin I’d been on before (10mg instead of 20mg), since I’m on the Guanfacine now, but I noticed a bit of the ‘high’ I’d felt the last time I went too far with it, and then had trouble sleeping that night.
      So I took only 5 mgs yesterday and slept fine. Doing the same today, but what I’m wondering is how I know whether I’m on the right path.
      I *do* agree with my psych that Guanfacine isn’t quite enough, as I still catch myself drifting in conversations and whatnot, but, although I don’t have the ‘high’ that I felt at 10mg, I do feel ever-so-slightly amped, like I had extra coffee (at 10mg I actually felt a little tired).
      Is this normal and will fade with time (as I get used to it)? I guess my concern is that maybe I’m a person who shouldn’t use *any* stimulants, but how would I know?

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      So I realized that my Ritalin pills are 10mg, not 5mg, so when it felt like too much last week, I had actually taken 20mg (my pre-Guanfacine dose)!
      So the more tolerable dose was actually 10mg, which is what my doc had recommended.
      I think I’m just gonna roll with this for a bit.

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