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      Is this a thing? I just noticed something I’ve done most of my life. I like to solve problems. No surprise there. But today I was working on some software, which is what I do for a career, and I had a hard problem I was poking away at when all of a sudden I saw the problem. It wasn’t just aha! but my head felt like it was about to explode. I couldn’t sit and fix the problem I was so jazzed up. I had to go for a walk. I have no idea why. I was so excited or something. Looking back I think I’ve done this since I was in high school. I get close to a solution and then just walk away and it usually drives me crazy. Here I am, right before the solution, and I can’t sit and do it. What I really haven’t paid attention to before is what it feels like. It’s a rush.

      Was this a giant dopamine blast?

      And now for the addicted part. Is it possible to be so addicted to solving problems that I’m looking for them where they don’t exist? I can be disagreeable and negative and glass half empty. I’ve known that about myself and I don’t understand it. Where there’s no problem I tend to get bored. It tends to kill working with others. I just wonder if this is all just a way to find and solve a problem, so I can get some dopamine?

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      Ha! I’m exactly the same way! I’m a Program Manager and I am so horrible at what I’m hired for, which is putting structure into projects with schedules and meeting minutes, but I am great at problem solving. Sadly, I also create some of the problems because I stuck at the other stuff but I can always see what others cannot I figure out. It is so frustrating when my priorities are all the admin part of my job because that’s not where I can help people. I’ve often asked for a project admin but don’t get one. I think I would have been a good spy. Enjoy the experience. Solving thing or coming up with an answer that others didn’t think of is the best feeling and when I feel most capable.

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      It is true, when things are going well, I’m bored, so I probably need problems to keep my interest.

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      I can absolutely relate to the Brain Blast sensation. I actually have a hard time reading interesting material because I’ll get to something that excites me and I have to stop everything I’m doing to process it. This also happens when there is something I especially relate to on this site. I get all jazzed and immediately start daydreaming about telling a story about how I relate.

      Anyways, I definitely have the same reaction to something exciting, including the strong drive to walk. Though it isn’t necessarily always the same stimuli.

      Also, this post popped up when I was about to search for something unrelated. Probably not the best idea for an ADHD website to include a list of distractions under the search box. Or maybe its brilliant.

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