Adderral during an evaluation for IEP??

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      Hi there,
      our teenage son is finally going to receive an evaluation at his school to determine whether he can be eligible for special education services. He is currently taking Adderral for ADHD Diagnosis. I was was wondering whether he should not take his Adderall on the day of the assessment as this would demonstrate what his abilities are without medication–vs. with the medication? I asked our psychiatrist who said ultimately it was our decision. I am curious if other parents have encountered similar dilemma?

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      Dr. Eric

      Ask the evaluator.

      As an assessor, I prefer medicated.
      I want to get the best possible results of potential and ability in the face-to-face testing.
      I am not worried about medication “hiding” the impact of ADHD because I rely mostly on parent and teacher rating scales, history, and real-world evidence of functinal impact.

      However, not all assessors take the same approach.

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      Thank you Eric –thats a fair response.

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