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      Hi, I’m newly diagnosed and trying meds for the first time. Since I wasn’t sure about trying a stimulant, I didn’t want to pay literally 10x as much for the XR until I am confident that it works for me. My doctor is starting me off with a total of 15 mg per day in the form of 1.5 10mg pills with the whole pill first thing in the AM and the half at lunch. First, is this normal? It seems like either 5mg will work and I would only need 5 mg for both doses, or 10mg will work and the 5mg will be pointless. Second, is that the only acceptable schedule, or can I shift that schedule to when I most need to function? I definitely need less help in the morning when the office is quiet and more help in the afternoon when it’s much louder. Can I just swap the doses?


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      Penny Williams

      Your specific questions on dosing and changing the timing need to be answered by your doctor.

      You were prescribed short-acting medication. It works very differently than long-acting (XR). So, you could possibly not do well on short-acting but do well on the long-acting version of the same brand of medication. The short-acting releases all the medication at once and then wears off. Long-acting releases gradually over the course of the day so you don’t have the same severity of peaks and valleys. Some people prefer short-acting formulations, but many can’t tolerate them well. So, keep that in mind.

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