Adderall & Migraines

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      I frequently get a migraine sometime in the morning (or sometimes wake up with one) then use Zomig (a triptan similar to Imitrex). It usually clears the migraine in about an hour ish at which time I am pretty much symptom free except for some dilation of my pupils for a couple more hours which does not affect me much. When I tried Adderall XR (three times) it resulted in migraine not leaving or re-occurring so that I had migraine all day. I did the one morning try taking the Adderall XR before signs of migraine, then got the migraine an hour later (not saying the Adderall XR caused the migraine) took Zomig and migraine uncharacteristically did not clear. I guess the best way to try the Adderall XR again is to wait longer to take it … like until noon. But that is not a solution long term as the Adderall XR would still be in my system at bed-time ? I guess I will find out but I wonder if taking a stimulant is basically “asking” for a migraine in my case. Delaying trying this again !
      Has anyone had experience with both a pre-existing migraine condition and then trying to take a daily stimulant ?

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