Adderall and slipping rib syndrome

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      Has anyone else developed joint problems after starting on adderall, especially slipping rib syndrome? I’m just wondering if there is a correlation.

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      That is a very good and interesting ques but I havent encoutrered such yet, hope you get the right help from experts here

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      Dr. Eric

      I have been following ADHD issues since I was diagnosed in the early 1990’s. This is the first time that I recall it being brought up.

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      Can you describe what you mean by “slipping rib issue”? I have a rib in my upper back that has been causing me issues for awhile. I never considered it could be connected to by adderall.

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      I had a rib pop out last spring!! Literally, from just walking. I’m not sure of the correlation, but I have been on adderall from a good long while. I also have other joint problems, mainly in my hands and wrists. Very interesting thought! I’d never even considered it.

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