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      I was diagnosed with ADHD last week and have just started taking 10mg Adderall XR as a starter dose. I didn’t think to ask at the time whether it would be OK to drink coffee while taking it, and Google is giving me a mixed bag of responses. I gather that it’s not contraindicated, but it might not be a good idea to mix stimulants, or that the acid in the coffee might interfere with absorption?

      I only normally drink a cup a day or it does a number on my stomach, so I’m not dealing with caffeine withdrawal or anything, but I really enjoy my morning mug and would prefer not to give it up if it’s unnecessary. Would it make sense to stop while I’m figuring out the right medication and dosage, or does it not really matter? What are your experiences with it?

      How about alcohol? I’m running into a lot of articles cautioning not to drink while on Adderall, but reading between the lines, they seem to be assuming abuse of one or the other. Is there really any problem with having a glass of wine with dinner on Friday evening after my medication has presumably worn off?

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      Your doctor’s answer to these questions should carry more weight than anything any of us say here. That said, I’ll share my experience.

      My first day on Adderall, I had a cup of coffee. I didn’t even get through half of the 20oz cup before my heart started racing and I was wired and over-stimulated, canceling all the benefits of Adderall and leaving only harsh side effects. I had to quit. I miss it dearly, but I’d rather be able to focus and caffeine stopped helping years ago.

      I do enjoy drinking wine about once a week. I keep it to two glasses. The problem with wine on Adderall is mostly that it feels less intoxicating, which might cause you to drink more than you’re used to. But just because it doesn’t feel as intoxicating doesn’t mean you aren’t getting drunk, or that toxic levels are any higher. The other problem is that both Adderall and Alcohol dehydrate you, so you get a double whammy of that. My advice would be to set yourself a limit before your start drinking, keep it low, and stick to it. And drink lots of water as well. If it’s just one glass as you implied, I doubt that’ll be a problem.

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      Hi Kriesa,
      Obviously everyone is different, but I quickly found that the combination of Adderall and my normal two cups of coffee in the morning made my heart practically jump out of my chest. I still drink plenty of coffee, but now I make decaf (water decaffeinated to avoid chemicals). I also used to enjoy a few glasses of red wine on Friday and Saturday evenings. Once I started Adderall, I’d wake up way more groggy and uncomfortable the next morning. Not really sick, but just not feeling well. Finally I gave it up except for the very occasional glass. Habits can be hard to break, but worth it if you feel better in the long run.
      Best of luck,

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      Thanks for the replies (JBoom, I read yours in my email notification, but it never showed up on the forum – if you want I can post it for future reference). It sounds like I should plan on dropping if not eliminating the caffeine, and that an occasional alcoholic drink should be OK. I got a minor headache yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure if maybe it was caffeine withdrawal after all, or if it might be an effect of the Adderall wearing off (or, I suppose, a coincidence, although I’m not prone to headaches), so I had a mug of black tea this morning to see if that makes a difference.

      I should have said upfront that I realize that You Are Not My Doctor, and I will ask mine when I see her on Thursday. But I sometimes find that doctors don’t know a lot more than the package insert, so first hand anecdotes are good to hear.

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      I’m glad you got it. You only need to re-post it if you think it’s important for posterity.

      I always feel the need to tell people they should check with their doctor. I’d hate to ever find out my advice was followed to disastrous effect.

      If you drank coffee every day, even just a little, you will have withdrawal symptoms, but without cravings. My first week on Adderall, I was an emotional mess. Hated everybody, was easily agitated. I thought it was the Adderall. My doctor explained that I had quit nicotine and caffeine suddenly and just because I replaced them with a stronger stimulant doesn’t mean my body won’t still go through withdrawal. It was a bad idea in retrospect, but to be fair, I had weened myself to a small about of nicotine and I thought I’d be able to stick with caffeine.

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      Hi Kriesa,

      Just sharing my anecdotal experience after taking Vyvanse for a week.

      I haven’t experienced any unusual problems have a small cup of coffee or two in the mornings. My Dr. did inform me that I may experience afternoon headaches in the front of my brain – not so much related to caffeine or meds. She said a small protein rich snack can help. I keep a bag of almonds handy, and eat a few regularly through the day, as well as making sure I stay well hydrated.

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      I can tell you most doctors will generally tell you to avoid caffeine. However with the caveat that experiences with stimulants and caffeine will vary from person to person. For instance, much like tourself, enjoy the morning cup-o-joe after I wake up. I have not tried to push it any farther than a single cups worth (10oz out of a kuereg).

      My advice, take it slow one day during the day and take a sip every so often and gauge your response to the stimulants interacting with the coffee. Take a sip, wait about 10 minutes, take another. As long as you SLOWLY drink your coffee you should be alright. I asked my doc too and she told me the above advice.

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      Thanks again, everyone. Slam Hammer, I really like the idea of doing a slow trial of adding coffee back into my day. For now, I think I’m over the caffeine withdrawal.

      I’m disappointed that the Adderall isn’t doing much for me. The doctor gave me the go ahead to try 20mg, but I’m not seeing a difference. I mean, the good thing is no side effects, and I know it may take some tinkering. I just was hoping to be one of the lucky folks who got immediate improvement.

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      Hi Kries, let me chime in but the best advice is that you have to really pay attention to what your body tells you. I am fairly typical ADHD and 61 years old. I only started treatment about 9 months ago. My hyperactivity seemed to me to be unexplained anxiety. Anxiety has a cause and mine didn’t because it was hyperactivity. It became a problem for me at an age where male hormones drop so it probably is similar to all the women that don’t get diagnosed for ADHD because we expect anxiety for no reason in women (not really funny). I got great relief after the dose went to 20. I think they look to be careful and start you slow. As for the coffee I have pretty much gotten by with coffee for the last 30 years because I did not have stimulant medication, and we need stimulant. I was up to 2 pots a day which causes problems on its own. Coffee works in the same direction as adderal for me so I can have a cup in the morning and it helps and I use it as I please. I am one of those people that can drink coffee and go to sleep and I can also nap on adderal, but that is contrary to most people. Alcohol works against the stimulant and I don’t think any doctor would tell you it is a great thing if you have ADHD. That said if a glass of wine or a drink makes you feel better I don’t think it’s prohibited. Best of luck.

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      I’ll share my experience with caffeine and Adderall/Vyvanse

      I respond wonderfully to Vyvanse for calming focus, whereas Adderall makes my focus a bit too intense, agitates my mood, and the crash is quite bad (I want to eat all the sugar in the house, I get so sleepy I want to lie down anywhere). Coffee intensifies the effects, for sure.

      With Vyvanse 30mg, I drink 1 k-cup of coffee in the AM. I can take it with Vyvanse, or 1 hour before. It depends on how good I’m feeling and how early I get up. I try to take my dose around 7:30-8 every day, and I wake up between 5-8am (I go through cycles of early risings/late risings).
      I might get a touch sweaty in the armpits, but no jitters, racing heart, anxiety, etc. I could go up to 40mg vyvanse without coffee, but I can’t do both on that because I get kind of manic (my emails become pages). I love my morning coffee, so that + vyvanse30mg is a sweet spot.

      5mg Adderall + 1 k-cup coffee results in an agitated focus, and intense crash. 3-4 hours after I take them together, I become exhausted, weak, and my tiredness is so severe it seriously feels like a morphine drip (which I’ve only had once, btw, but I’ll never forget how much I HATED it!). Once I was so tired after the adderall/coffee crash I tried to go to sleep on a public bench, but couldn’t.

      I have always been somewhat sensitive to stimulants, as you’ll notice my doses are low, but definitely need them to function appropriately as well.

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