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      Captain Synaptic

      What’s the best tool for those of us with ADD wiring for planning and organising work, getting things done, and so forth that actually work? I’m speaking about web-browser plug-ins and applets designed for tablets and smart phones.

      Does anyone use any favorites that they swear by (vs “swear at”)?

      To start it off, I use ToDoist for priority matrix planning, which seems to work well.

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      Penny Williams

      Here’s Eric Tivers’ (ADHD reWired Podcast) list:

      The (Nearly) Perfect ADHD Apps You Need Right Now

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Trainer on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Captain Synaptic

      Awesome, thanks! I will evaluate them.

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      Captain Synaptic, Curious to hear your reviews?

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      Note: I’m an android user (former iPhone user). Some of these apps may be available on both platforms.

      TimeWinder I use this for creating timed routines to get me though repetitive daily routines quickly without distractions.

      Accomplish I use this for scheduling when I need help determining what I can fit into the time I have.

      7 Weeks This is a “49 days” grid for helping to establish new habits.

      2Do This is my primary todo list.

      Lisitng it! I like this for nested lists but with no sync it’s less useful than 2Do.

      Pomotodo This is a pomodoro timer that lets me create a list and displays one item at a time. I sometimes like the ticking clock to keep me on task.

      OverDrive I listen to audiobooks from my libraries every day.

      Out of Milk Shopping lists.

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      I’ve just started using a habit building app called Productive that is really good. I line habits up into morning and evening routines that both get me going and wind me down respectively, and I’m actually getting regular housework done and avoiding the usual cleaning/clutter overload.

      I’m not sure about Android though! It doesn’t say on the website but the button might go to th e Google Play store on your phone? (It goes to the Apple App Store on my iPhone).

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