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      This website has been a wonderful breathe of fresh air, and perhaps you can help me. All the strategies I have seen about managing my son seem to hinge on me being organised, calm and effective – but he got his ADHD from me, so I am none of those things so how can I help him? How do I help him get through a melt down if I have crashed and withdrawn from total overload ( I am a SAHM with 3 home schooled kids, so the demands are pretty ceaseless)? How do I get him to put his shoes away so he can find them when he wants them if mine are lost in the heap under the dining room table? How do I cope with the fact that he often seems like he is treating me like a slave discarding food and kit all around him for me to pick up (or more likely ignore, trip over and break) and on one level I know he is not really being selfish, but on another, I am already drowning in the housework I am so terrible at without him making it worse for me! I want to be kind and understanding, I feel if anyone understands what it is like it should be me, but when he is lying to my face, punching his sister and asking me to get him a drink when I am already doing 15 other things, I don’t have sympathy, I just have anger – followed, of course by guilt. `

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      Penny Williams

      It can be so tough. The most important things for you to focus on as the parent is remaining calm and showing empathy for him. That does a really long way.

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