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      hi everyone. new person here. I’ll keep it as short as possible.

      Im 52, male. At 16 i was diagnosed with pretty chronic ocd that really has had a major effect on my life, it’s always been there in the background like a shadow. i’ve managed to build my life around it. But it’s chromic and medication only helps a little. it’s in remission as much as possible but it will always be there. the intensity varies.
      i have also struggled badly with addiction / alcoholism, im now sober 13 years clean and sober in a 12 step programme. before that my world literally blew apart and i was in a very very bad way.
      meds – For the ocd Im on prozac, lamotrigine, lyrica and trazadone (to sleep) I had previously been diagnosed bipolar but that was reassessed about 5 years ago.
      last year i was diagnosed by my psychiatrist who knows me well, with add. primarily because of my complete and utter chaos. My life and everything about me having because so chaotic it was causing me marital problems. cant really describe the chaos and my wife had enough. who can blame her.

      When i read up about it, i realised that along with the chaos and unmanageability, the aspects of add i wasnt aware of – Emotional hyperarousal, Rejection sensitive dysphoria – are me to an absolute tee. the social phobias, the everything of the whole condition that i never knew was add.

      so, the combination of add and ocd is harsh, but explains a lot – and can be very confusing while working a 12 step programme for addiction because a lot of the things that are taken care of in the steps seem to be an innate part of add – particularly the dysphoria and hyperarousal. The “grudges’ refererred to in one of dr Amen’s 7 types of add are called “resentments’ in 12 Step.

      i have found recently by accident that red bull made me feel calm, not anxious. so i investigated and started taking inositol, taurine and b12, and it’s making a differencane. But it’s very much unregulated, trial and error, and not very clinical.

      i really feel lost as to what to do now. im interested in taking stimulants because high doses of caffeine seems to calm me down. i would prefer it if I could do everything naturally. like inositol, taurine, running – i do a 10k a couple of times a week and am running a half marathon in october. dont want to get wired on caffeine and red bull and energy drinks – another addiction. also worried i might get out of control. im jumping from one website to the next, guzzling caffeine – i’ve even contacted the amen clinic only to then find out it’s super-controversial.

      i’ve got to deal with this.

      any experience of anyone very much welcome. thanks for reading. if you made it this far!

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      Penny Williams

      Former addicts can take stimulant medication successfully to treat ADHD, although not all clinicians are comfortable with it.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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