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      The sugar if it is in excess in the blood sticks to the proteins creating the waste AGE (advanced glycation end). And the more sugar there is in the blood, the more AGE waste will be formed and the worse physical and mental health we will have. If we have this waste in the brain we will have drowsiness during the day because the brain wants us to sleep because during the sleep increases up to 20 times the elimination of brain waste by the glymphatic system.

      And the drowsiness causes tiredness, suffering, bad mood, violence, depression, stress, little mental clarity, poor memory, low intelligence, addictions…. To see the level of PGA is the analysis of glycated hemoglobin. An optimal level is 4 to 5%, a diabetic usually has 9 to 12% For every 1% increase in glycated hemoglobin there is 28% more mortality.

      To eliminate PGA waste from the body and brain we have to control the sugar in blood, for this we can eat a diet low in carbohydrates such as the ketogenic diet. We can also eat a lot of carbohydrates but prefer low and medium foods glycemic index to high, and especially making many small meals a day instead of few large meals. At dinner it is better to avoid carbohydrates.

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      HMMM… so how do you explain ADHD in people who do NOT have high blood sugar??

      Cognitive problems caused by diabetes/metabolic syndrome/high blood sugar/etc. may superficially mimic ADHD, but they are not the same thing as ADHD.

      ADHD is caused by a defect in the brain’s dopamine transport system. They have brain scans and everything.

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      This seems like a myth. I have non-diabetic blood sugar but have a severe case of ADHD. Likewise some people eat sugar all day and have no symptoms. It’s true that consuming sugary foods worsens ADHD symptoms, but my parents fed me pretty healthy foods as a child when my symptoms were the worst. My favorite beverage is carbonated water with no sugar. I eat vegetables and protein. I’m pretty symptomatic.

      If there’s a correlation, it’s indirect. Individuals with bad impulse control tend to overconsume sugar, moreso than overconsuming sugar causing the bad impulse control to begin with.

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      I have been on a diet for more than 2 years that consists of eating 120 calories of fruit every hour and a half during the day. At night I eat mainly fats like olives, oil, coconut….

      I have improved a lot, I am more awake and with more energy, I have not yet cleaned my brain completely but there is little time left. I will continue to report.

      I recommend reading the book “Grain Brain”

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