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      ADD/ ADHD has destroyed my life. I am 36 years old (almost 37) and never held a job, nor got a diploma except high school. I am living on disability funds. Is it too late for me to succeed in life?

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      Yes!! I just know that it is never too late.

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      Penny Williams

      Individuals with ADHD are often late bloomers. It’s never too late for change, to try something new, to find your stride. It starts with believing in yourself.

      Why ADHD Self-Awareness is the Key to Effective Action, Change, and Progress for Each of Us

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I am 66 and still haven’t got myself sorted. Just found this forum today so this is a test post to see if I am doing it correctly. My diagnosis was always bipolar until 2 years ago when my psychiatrist announced that he thought I actually had adhd. Apparently symptoms are fairly similar. His current thinking is I have both, which isn’t uncommon. I take Atomoxetine rather than stimulants as I have tics also which are made worse by stimulants. I hope to make some friends and share experiences and help

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      James Robert

      Although ADHD is a serious illness, yet there is good news for all ADHDers that it is something controllable. We can manage it in a number of different ways. However, one of them is the Natural Adderall alternative.

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      ADHD has destroyed me too. I have always been smart. School was easy for me. Too easy. I never learned work ethic basically. Graduated top 20% from a top 20 law school. Have been fired from 4 jobs in five years. I hate it so much. I did everything right and have nothing to show for it. And this is even with medication.

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      Fired after approximately 40 hours of work lol. 3 times! Easy high school part-time jobs.

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      I’m no risk taker. I took all my risks in my early years and nearly died so many times, and found my self so embarrassed so many times, that I have permanently shut down risk taking. I do nothing dangerous or adventurous, and keep my mouth closed as much as possible. I just have constant anxiety, a deep abiding depression, self-loathing and no hope for a brighter future. Yay!!

      The only difference a diagnosis has given me so far is the knowledge that I probably did the best I could with the brain and knowledge I had.

      Other than that, medication for depression stops me falling into complete despair.

      I assume it is eventually accepting this about ourselves and learning to not hate ourselves after, for me, a life of self-hatred, which is all but impossible to shake off in your 50s.

      I’m still waiting for a psychiatrist to write a script for a stimulant. But this forum seems to scream out meds don’t do much. So, probably just anti-depression meds for the rest of my life.

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      But this forum seems to scream out meds don’t do much.

      I came to this thread because of some ADHD-related issues I’m currently struggling with, but I wanted to reply to your comment about meds. Numerous studies have shown that stimulant meds are the single most effective treatment for ADHD (if you can tolerate them). I have struggled with pretty much everything my entire life, but once I started taking meds I was able to actually accomplish things. This isn’t to say that I’m now firing on all cylinders, but I would have never gotten my bachelors degree or finished two academic professional programs without medication. The meds REALLY do work. Please don’t let anyone’s negativity about meds influence your decision to give them a try. And know that finding the right medication and dosage is a process of trial and error. Still, they don’t work for every single person, but they do work for A LOT of us.

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      I feel this so much. I did just fine in school, but I’ve been through 3 careers now and I’m 33. I just always have a breakdown after 2-3 years. Now I’m delivering pizzas since February.

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      Actually got my medication to start yesterday. Are we allowed so say medication types and amounts? Anyway, quick report.
      First tablet had a clear impact. I spent the morning being very focused and productive at work. I felt actually motivated because I wasn’t constantly frustrated with mental log jams. I have taken four tablets in total over 2 days.

      When they wear off, I can feel a fog return. A mental bluntness that I now recognise as my unmedicated normal.

      When they start kicking in, I feel like I have new cognitive powers. It’s quite striking, given I am still in the titration phase. My previous posts were very negative. I was feeling like I would never get to try medication that this was just going to go on and was slipping back into depression.

      But now, so far, very impressed and even hopeful for the first time in I don’t know how many years. So strike my previous criticisms based on my ignorance.

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        No man, you are destined to succeed. Opening up about it is a start.

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      It is NEVER too late to rebuild your life. I am 51, and you are only 37 – you are still young, despite the fact you will not feel you are. Chin up! Move forward – which I know you will!!

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      Dr. Eric

      I disagree that the majority of the forum don’t believe in meds. There are some that are dogmatic in not wanting them. There are others that I suspect are secretly marketing for non-prescription alternatives. However, there are tons on conversations on what works medicine-wise, getting access to the right meds, etc.

      Personally, I openly share that I have self-studied in the ’90’s and in the last 10 years. I am 6 times more productive on my meds than off.

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