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      Hi all, my husband has ADD, and the emotional aspect of it (having major reactions to things that would be just minor irritations to non-ADD people) has been causing some issues for him at work. He has told HR & his supervisor that he has ADD and that they need to accommodate his condition, so they have asked him to fill out the appropriate paperwork to request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is asking his therapist to help him fill it out, but he has asked me for input as well, so I thought I would ask you all for guidance. What sorts of accommodations have you asked for at work? For example, he is thinking of asking for short breaks during meetings that are getting heated so that he can go to a quite space and calm his thoughts. I was thinking of asking for his supervisor to do some reading on the emotional aspects of ADD to try to better understand the condition. If any of you have any suggestions, I would truly appreciate it — thanks!

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      Penny Williams

      Here’s a good guide on how to determine accommodations needs at work:

      Help Wanted? How to Get the Accommodations You Need at Work

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