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      I Would be very grateful if someone could suggest resources/tools which would help me with academic writing. I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD (without the H). I struggle with writing coherent sentences, synthesising material and organising my ideas on paper. I am so demoralised by this. Ironically my degrees are in languages and I am qualified to teach English! For as long as I can remember I have been labelled as an ‘anxious perfectionist’. I was put on stimulant medication but it had a bad effect on my heart. I am hoping that someone can reassure me that it is possible to counter some of my difficulties by strategy alone.

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      Hi Dickson! I’m sorry you’re going thru such a stuggle with this right now. But what you’re discribing sounds a lot like dysgraphia. Which is basically the inability to completely, if at all, comprehend/summarize what you’ve just read and put it on paper. For the most part, you either can’t do it or you have a really hard time doing it). There is the possibility of having Dyslexia, and/or adhd as well. My 14 yr old son stuggles with all 3 plus, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) since birth and it sounds very much like what he experiences and what I’ve learned about them. Look into those. Do some research and see if that sounds like you at all. Stay positive (and safe)! 🙂

      – Becca

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