A way to prevent crying?

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      I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve had a lot of troubles for the past couple years. Lately I’ve been crying at school a lot. It usually happens when I mess something up or can’t do something because of my ADHD, and someone tries to correct my behavior. i.e. I had a bad focus day and knew i’d be unable to do the work in class, so I put my homework in my backpack and started reading instead. The teacher came up to me and said that if she gave me time in class, then I should be doing my work, but I just started crying. she came back and I explained it was easier to focus at home and she was nice about it, but it’s still really embarrassing to cry in front of my whole class. Any tips on fighting RSD and Tears?

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      This might not work for you, but I try to think of something happy or funny, distract myself real quick and take deep breaths. But sometimes when my emotions are too strong I need sometime alone to think and calm down. I see how you can’t always do that though at school. I hope this helps(:

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