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      Today was probably the 1000th time that I found two of my dear husband’s (who has had ADHD since childhood) Ritalin pills loose on the floor. We have a toddler who is now 18 months old, and she still loves putting random stuff in her mouth. I have asked, begged, pleaded, encouraged, yelled, and insisted time and time again that he either puts his pills in a special pill box (I bought THREE) or in his wallet to protect our daughter from accidentally taking these pills. How can I get through to him that for the sake of our daughter he really needs to try harder with this? How can I motivate him to succeed in keeping his pills safe and away from our daughter? What am I doing wrong? Should I keep his medication and make him come to me when he needs it? This seems a little excessive. Any advice would be so much appreciated.


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      Just to clarify – the pills are loose because he puts them in his pockets to take with him when he leaves the house in the morning. They fall out of his pockets whenever he changes clothes.

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        Penny Williams

        Sounds like he needs to take his pills as soon as he gets them out of the bottle.

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      I have a bad memory. My 25 yr old makes sure I take my meds. He also puts them in a pill box. If he is taking them to work they sell small pill containers. Myself, I use an antoid ments box the small one about one inch long… Miss H.

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      Hi there
      I’m ADHD and for several years was very careless in this manner, it wasn’t until my younger nephew enlightened me about an event in which he arrested and charged by the RCMP for the mishandling of his prescription. What would have seemed like a very innocent and small mistake was strictly prohibited by Federal Law with regards to our responsibility of possessing a substance II narcotic. Having your little one suffer consequences of this medication far outweighs any fine but certainly would constitute criminal negligence. After gaining knowledge of the ramifications or possible outcomes of my carelessness, fear put things in perspective rather quick. ‘never stop learning has become so tried and true …… hope this may help!

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      Hi! I understand your concern.
      Is it necessary for your husband to take each pill to work daily?
      Maybe he could have 2 pill boxes, one for home and one for work. He could leave the second pill box at his work place with enough medication for one or two weeks. In this way he would not need to carry a single one to work everyday. When he runs out at work he could simply bring the pill box at home and refill it for another week or two. No loose pills anymore!

      I am terrified of loose pills. I do not have kids, but I do have a miniature dachsund. She is not the swalloweverythingIsee type, lucky me, but I still worry about what might happen if I dropped a pill. I remember spending almost one hour trying to find a Ritalin pill I dropped in my bathroom. I was panicking, I didn’t want to leave the house before I made sure there was no chance that my dog could find it and swallow it. I eventually found it, half dissolved in the toilet. Phew! Anyway, it’s a serious issue.

      Good luck

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      I’m going to be harsh here: There’s nothing you can do to change his behavior, that’s up to him. All you can do is point out the need for change, and change your own situation if he refuses.

      ADHD treatment requires more than just popping a pill when you can manage to keep track of it. Mental health issues are no excuse for putting a child’s well being at risk. If he’s unwilling to properly treat his condition, that’s great and his choice; but he should not be allowed in the same building as children, since he’s shown a complete disregard for his own child’s safety.


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      Thanks everyone for your kind advice.
      We had a heart to heart and I told him that I would not stand for it anymore. He agreed that he loves our daughter and does not want her to come to any harm. He admitted that he never took me seriously as he thought I was just nagging for the sake of it. I provided him with stories of brain seizures and heart problems that I found during my research on the dangers of accidental ingestion of Ritalin by toddlers. He was as horrified as I was. We have now both agreed that if he wants his medication, he has to come home at lunchtime (5 min walk!) and get it from me. I have hidden it. In the meantime, I have ordered a combination lock medicine cabinet – so even if he finds it, he has to ask me to get it as only I will know the code. I hope that this will remedy the situation and thank you again for your thoughts, which were most helpful and insightful.

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