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      Yarlan Zey

      I’m not sure if this is a benefit of being ADHD, but here we go. You’ve probably heard about how difficult it is to “unlearn” things. People say things like, “It’s very important to learn things the right way from the beginning, so you don’t have to unlearn bad habits later.”

      While I agree that you may as well learn things correctly from the beginning, if possible, in my experience I don’t find it so difficult to unlearn things, drop the “bad habits” and start doing things the correct way.

      I do find it tricky to learn things the conventional way in the first place though. What works for me is to have a variety of options when I’m learning something. If I get bored or annoyed with one option, I move on to another one. Perhaps later on I’ll give the first option another go. In this way I’m able to learn things.

      So in summary, perhaps for ADHD people, learning can be more difficult but “unlearning” is easier lol.

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      Oh wow, I never thought about this. This is an interesting thought though.

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