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      I have no formal diagnosis…to many other things to do…but I just wanted to share a poem about the way I feel. I hope it rings true with some of you… Thank you for letting me share!

      Stop biting your nails
      he slaps my hand
      He doesn’t understand
      I can’t process what he’s saying
      Unless I’m gnawing at my skin

      Stop interrupting, you’re just so rude
      but it comes out of my mouth
      before I think it through
      and if I don’t say it now
      It’s lost forever

      Could you finish your sentence for once
      I’d love to
      but a thought flew by
      and it caught my eye
      and I need you to help me get back
      to the train of thought I was riding on

      Please don’t poke your head in my car!!!
      It’s a failure on wheels,
      It’s a mobile, public display
      of the things I can’t get round to
      and the mess in my brain

      Why can’t we have more?
      Because I forgot to pay the bills
      And now I’m paying charges
      So there’s no money left for thrills
      I have failed you again, kids

      But you’re a doctor and you got straight A’s
      so I feel like a fraud
      I squeezed 7 years of college
      into a dozen night befores
      Not a doctor, ssshhhh.

      Please accept my apologies for my late reply
      I lost a day to dazing
      and a month to wondering why
      and promising tomorrow
      knowing I’ll hide from that too

      Please turn the music down, I can’t taste my food
      There are days I wish I was deaf
      To be able to think
      without the singing of the birds
      derailing my train

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      Daisy K

      Thank you for posting your poem ..it says so much so simply.

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      “Please turn the music down, I can’t taste my food” – exactly!!!

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      This is very eloquent. Thank you for posting it!

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      Thank you ❤️. Beautiful, kinda sad story.

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      That’s beautiful and it breaks my heart at the same time. I wonder if that’s what my kid feels like.

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