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      I knew my husband had ADD when we married. I was diagnosed with ADD inattentive, a few years into our marriage. We had a child who was recently diagnosed with ADHD and a few years ago we adopted 2 boys, both of who have ADHD. I have never been great at keeping a structured lifestyle, we have always been considered the “laid back” family. I don’t want my children going through life with the struggles I have faced for not reaching personal and professional goals. I am frustrated because a parents we can’t seem to provide the structure my children need to be successful. My house is in total chaos. I am ashamed to have family and friends over to the house. I used to be able to manage fine, but recently I just feel overwhelmed and don’t accomplish anything.

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      Penny Williams

      Is it possible that you are depressed? Life is extra hard right now with the pandemic and the lack of control we have over it can cause a lot of anxiety and/or depression.

      I think you also have to stop worrying about what others will think — which I know is super hard. Doing what you feel is best for your family is what matters most.

      Like Mother, Like Child: When ADHD Is a Family Affair

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