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      Deep Focus

      Hello Comrades,

      I am a Canadian entrepreneur and a long-time “ADDitude” subscriber. I have a business idea, and I am looking for feedback from ADD Community.

      Starbucks is not meant to be a place for work or studying. Cafeterias are full of people with laptops. There is a demand for a specific type of environment. People are looking for a place, where they can focus and concentrate. With so many distractions nowadays, people are craving at least a few hours of focused work. People want to be productive and feel good about their work.
      I believe that workspace should be a tool for performing work, as much as say investing in a better computer and better tools for work.

      At home, people are comfortable physically, however, in order to perform at their best it’s not enough. Physical comfort is essential and could not be neglected. To achieve extraordinary results, we need to place the person in an extraordinary environment – the environment that goes beyond physical comfort and designed to improve focus and productivity. I want to create such an environment using the latest research and modern technology.

      Cafes, libraries and co-working spaces work are good for that. However, not good enough. I believe that I can create a better environment for deeply focused work.

      There are workout gyms, where people go to exercise their muscles. There are machines and equipment specially designed for different muscles and serve different purposes. As hard as we train our muscles – as hard do we need to work on our minds.
      We live in the age of information. Access to knowledge is not the problem, it is in abundance. The problem is a lack of focus. I want to create a specialized environment designed for deep focused work.

      I see the need for distraction-free dedicated space to engage in deep focused work. In order to stay active in the new, pandemic-induced business environment, leaders in law, finance, consulting, real estate and other professional services industries need a space that supports their work.

      I want to open a network of offices for professionals whose work demands privacy and deep focus. Our walls will be made from materials selected for better soundproofing. We will have a noise cancellation system that turns every office into a quiet room. I don’t see my company as a coworking space. We offer more of the privacy, while in the coworking environment. We are different than most coworking spaces. Typical coworking spaces are built to encourage networking and establish a sense of community. I want to create a space, which is designed for deep focused work.


      Are you aware of any technologies and tools which stimulate cognitive performance and improve focus?
      What kind of environment do you find to be helpful for concentration and focus?
      If you were to design your own “Focus Space”, what will it look like?

      Looking for your feedback and suggestions.

      Stay strong,

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      • This topic was modified 1 year ago by Deep Focus.
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      I agree, there needs to be a place where we ADD’ers can TRULY concentrate. It is extremely difficult for me to study in the library, HOWEVER, I found renting a hotel room extremely effective. I try not to tell anyone I’m going/there. I don’t turn on the tv and I get a lot done. What I don’t understand is when I do the same thing at home, I fail miserably even when I am alone for an entire weekend!

      PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME ANY TIPS THAT HAVE WORKED FOR PEOPLE PERSONALLY. I find it counterproductive to adhere to advice from someone asking: Have you tried____, when they haven’t or is basic magazine article knowledge. I need practical, proven ideas.

      I am in my 50’s, a college undergrad student, and I usually babysit 2 toddler grands three days a week. I take 10mg adderall twice a day.
      Thank you

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