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      My doctor took one look at my daughter and felt he knew why she might have symptoms of ADHD.

      My doctor is an academic professor at a major medical university. He says mouth breathing is endemic in Western populations and that up to 90% of children and adults partially mouth breathe. Starting at a young age, this can cause a child’s face to grow long and skinny with crowded teeth, a bad bite, a deviated septum, and a narrow smile. These features, reflective of small jaws, cause us to essentially suffocate, rev up the sympathetic nervous system, and consequently disrupt our sleep and cause symptoms of ADHD. He said my daughter is basically breathing through a straw and suffocating. Unlike other doctors, medication was not his first choice. Rather, he was focused on strengthening the muscles of her airway. He referred to me to a book called “SHUT UP and sleep” written by a Stanford doctor for more information and I was astonished. I had never heard this before. Has anyone else heard this? Is it possible, at least for some, that symptoms of ADHD could be an offspring of physical development?

      Here is the link to the book if anyone is interested:

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      This definitely a different perspective on ADHD. How old is your daughter?

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