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      I suck at budgeting. Wasn’t too much of a problem when I was younger, but now with all my financial responsibilities, I just feel so overwhelmed and stuck.

      Impulse buying and bad spending habits led to a little debt. Then, the transmission in my car gave out, and that led to a lot of debt. I’m also 25 and a teacher, so I’m not exactly bringing in the big bucks. I feel like I am drowning, and there is no way out.

      How do you guys create a budget and stick to it? I tried doing it manually, but then I would forget to write down what I bought until days or weeks later, which defeats the point. I couldn’t find an automatic budgeting system that works for me either; one cannot simply lump all my Target purchases together when some are food expenses, other are gaming expenses, etc. I also cannot simply go to a cash system because of the joy that is starting a new job and having to live on a credit card until my first pay check came in. This means I have to use a credit card all month and then pay off said card with my paycheck at the end of the month.

      I want to be debt free, but I can’t get a handle on keeping track of my spending. Has anyone found a solution that works for them?

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      Penny Williams

      Budgeting can be tough for so many people, but ADHD definitely adds an additional hurdle. When my husband and I were first married in the late 90s, we used the envelope system. We divied up our paychecks into the envelopes based on what was budgeted for each category. When we went to the grocery, we grabbed that envelope and only spent what we had. It’s a huge pain, but was worth it to control our spending on a tight budget.

      I now use Mint for budgeting and paying bills. It’s free and I find it very helpful.

      Here’s more on gaining control of your finances when you have ADHD:

      How to Manage Your Money with ADHD

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      This book, “Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together”, could be very helpful: https://www.amazon.com/Broke-Millennial-Scraping-Financial-Together/dp/0143130404 . Make one change at a time, and start with the smallest change that resonates with you and you could sort of stick with. And don’t stop doing these changes even when you are tempted to give up on everything because it’s not enough.

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