A bit sacred i have ADHD.

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      I’m 15 years old, i live in italy I’ve been having GAD for a few months now and I’ve been going to a psychotherapist to get some help and a while ago, while I was worrying if I had ADHD, I asked her if I had a chance of having it. I don’t exactly remember how she put it, but she basically said that by the symptoms that I have, and after seeing me for 2 months by then, I most probably don’t have any attention disorder and a test wasnt necessary. And, actually, after her saying that I felt way more relaxed and the day after I basically forgot about having adhd.

      Lately though the fear of me having adhd came back. The thought came back after I found out that some people have their adhd misdiagnosed as anxiety and now I’m questioning my psychotherapist’s diagnosis. I messaged her about this, but she’s in vacation right now and can’t respond with her work number outside her office.

      I think i might have ADHD because i daydream a lot, i’m really messy, i have a lot of tics, i struggle with doing homework without doing pauses distracting myself and i am also distracted during school, but not to the point that it hinders my grades (if i try hard enough i can follow trough a lesson ok, but i need to write down most of the stuff to remember it). I also can control my daydreaming when i have to concentrate. The thing that caused me a lot of distress though is the fact that i cannot hold a passion or a hobby for more than a few months or weeks before gettting bored. The same applies to thing like TV series, books and games, though i have some exeptions to those. I never really understood how someone could have a passion for something without getting bored of it after a while, and i read that this could be a symptom of an attention disorder. This has acually been a leading cause of my anxiety, as i was scared i was never going to be able to find a true passion and thus not being able to find a carrer path that i like.
      Talking to my parents though, they said that when i was little i wasn’t hyperactive at all and i could easly concentrate in classes, or at least that was what my teachers said. I didn’t have almost any of the adhd symptoms as a child and so my parents doubt that i have adhd. Indeed, apart form the stuff about my intrests, the adhd that i could have does not hinder with my school or my social interactions at all, as i am pretty good at school and i’m quite a sociable person, exept i sometimes find it hard to concentrate on conversations when i have to say something, like i’m keeping my thoughts “loaded” so that i can say them when i can talk. I also never really “Hyperfocused”, i can focus on stuff that i like but not to the point that hours pass by without me realizing and with me not having any perceptions of my surroundings.

      Are there any chances that i have ADHD? Can you still have long lasting intrests even with treated ADHD? Also, can a psychologist see if you probably have or don’t have ADHD after doing sessions with her for a few months? Any responses are appreciated, Thanks.

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      Hey Saverix339, i dont usally post online, but alot of what you said hit home to me. I’m not an expert, but I think it is very likly that you do have it. The few symptoms you describe that you don’t have could simply just be difference in your personality or just plain life circumstances. The loaded thoughts and having trouble concentrating on what the other person is saying screams ADD to me. Its like man i got this point i want to ADD “lol (just noticed that add in it), but if I don’t say it now it’s going to slip away so you try to listen and talk at the same time in your head which never works trust me, but, on the flip side people with social anxiety tend to do this to. Maybe your social anxiety stems from your ADD. I have ADHD and have taken adderall for it for years, but Vyvanse may be better for you because it tends to last longer and I hear that there is less of a crash after it wears off. I have not tried it myself, but I think it might be a really good option for you, if you want to try treating it. See people with ADHD and ADD have problems with paying attention hence (“Attention Deficit Disorder”) so if you get distracted by whats in your head you will miss what the other persons saying. I could be trying so hard to understand what somebody was trying to tell me. I could hear the words and look them directly in the eye, but it just wasn’t sinking in. Like if someone said or asked me something and then asked me to repeat what they just said I could only remember parts of it like the beginning or the end of the conversation. It was extremely frustrating and disablitlitating to say the least. The fact that you say you have no problems socializing makes me tend to believe that it might be ADD. Again this is just my opinion don’t take it as complete facts or answers. That is the reason I don’t usually post is because people tend to read stuff online and take it as facts and apply it to their own life without question. I don’t want to have that responsibility hell, I barely like being responsible for my own actions much less having to worry about another person’s. I would definitly ask your doctor to let you try treating it. What is it going to hurt and if It makes life for you more bearable then kudos. I hope this helps you Saverix339. If it does then it was well worth the time to post it.

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      Penny Williams

      You are right — many adults get misdiagnosed. The only way to know for sure if you have ADHD is to get an evaluation for it. It sounds like you may need to find a new clinician to do that.

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