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      My daughter was diagnosed at 6 but we recently finally decided to try medicine after putting it off for 2 years She is now 8 1/2. After trying exercise, essential oils, diet changes, etc.. Grades were beginning to slip and homework was getting to the point of taking 4 hours to complete. We finally realized we were holding her back from her potential by not medicating her. She also is in competitive gymnastics and despite having exceptional strength and natural ability in the sport, she struggles to in remembering instructions and applying corrections from her coaches during practice.

      Her doctor suggested she start on the lowest dose of Focalin XR. Today was her first day. I started her on a weekend so I could keep an eye on her. I was surprised that she was still basically her normal self. It did not “zombify” her like I feared it would. She was still able to eat also which is good. I had her make up school work that she missed yesterday and she seemed to get the work done much faster than she normally would. Though she still made careless mistakes and I was hoping the medicine would help that. She also seemed more pleasant. No back talk or sass that I get some days. This evening, she ended up getting really angry at us over something silly, and I worried she was having a “rebound” affect?

      Did anyone else have this experience when starting their kids on meds? It seemed to have a very mild almost not even noticeable effect on her. Which is good I guess but I hope it helps her with her school work. I am just looking for support I guess. I am not comfortable talking with family about this yet. I don’t want her to feel ashamed but I don’t know if I want her grandparents or family/friends in general knowing that she has ADD and is on meds. I just hate the stigma surrounding it.

      Just new to all this and interested in hearing anyone else’s experiences in starting your kids on meds and talking to them about it.

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      Dear Mother of a child with ADD,

      Our son just turned 9 years old in February, he was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5. We started him on medication when he was almost 6 years old. We emailed his kinder teacher before he started school to ask her what her thoughts were on medications. Her daughter suffered from ADD/bipolar as well so she had experience. After 2 weeks she emailed us stating, “his brain is on rapid fire.” We immediately got him on Focalin 5mg to fit the public schools system needs. He would eat and focus so it was great.
      2nd grade we found out his afternoon behavior was violent and impulsive when his Focalin wore off at about 3:30pm. We then increased his dose, making it extended release and it seemed to help for a month. Next, he started being more upset if there was too much light out side and he also started to Zombie out during instruction time (we had stacks of unfinished work). He pulled through and moved on to 3rd grade (only because he was on a 504 program for ADHD diagnosed children.
      We got him a psychiatrist who was very afraid of FOCALIN! He had complaints of suicide from patients on this medication. We took him off and switched him to Concerta. His growth rate has suffered the most so we take him off medications during track and summer breaks. So far Concerta is working but I want to try adding Strattera or Wellbutrin because he now at age 9, talking about hating the world and school.

      It’s all trial and error. Their brains work differently and proper therapy is better than medications. Finding it is the hard part while trying to live a structured life.

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      Dear parents
      My son is 8 and i just started concerta two months back.. he feels good about himself at school being able to write and answer questions.. but he started eyes blinking and his doctor told me it is the side effect.. however at the end of the second month i noticed he is depressed for no reason and he doesnt want to do any thing neither eating or playing.. then started getting ragious for the minimum reason.. also very violent and thinking violently.. holding knife when angry from someone.. it makes me think that it could be from medication.. yet not sure.. any similar situation?!

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      My son was diagnosed at 5 years old and we also tried essential oils, magnesium supplements, DHA supplements, etc. No luck in helping to calm his hyperactivity and improve his focus. At 6 years old, he started on Focalin 5mg but that barely touched his focus issue. Doctor bumped him up a week later to 10mg and that was good for awhile but then it’s like his body got used to it and it wasn’t helping anymore. So we bumped him up to 15mg and he was on that for awhile. I still wasn’t completely happy with Focalin as I saw a lot of the rebound effect in him that you mentioned with your daughter. We also saw some anger in him which was a red flag to me. After trying several other medications, we now have him on Vyvanse and it’s just a smoother medicine, in my opinion. There was no rebound effect and it seemed to last longer (with Focalin he was taking a small dose at noon too in order to get through the rest of the school day. With Vyvanse, he doesn’t have to do that). He also seems to not be as ‘stiff’ as he was on Focalin.
      It truly is all trial-and-error since there are so many medications and every kid is different in how they’ll handle it. There are methylphenidates, amphetamines, non-stimulants, etc. You just don’t know which is going to be best for your kid until they try it. I will say this though – we did try Adderall (which is an amphetamine) and it gave him insomnia so I thought amphetamines were out of the question for him. But Vyvanse is also in the amphetamine family, and it worked great for him – I think it’s just a different formulation. That’s why you’re going to hear “trial and error” all the time – you have to try a few probably before you find the right one! I hope this helps!

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      Penny Williams

      If an ADHD medication “zombifies” an individual, it’s too high a dose or not the right medication. The standard of care for ADHD medication is to start at the lowest dose and increase as and if needed. It can take several dose and/or medication changes to find the right one for each individual.

      10 ADHD Medication Mistakes Even Doctors Make

      There are two types of stimulants: amphetamine (Adderall, Vyvanse, Evekeo…) and methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant…). Almost everyone does well on one type or the other, but not both. She may need to try the other type to know which is right for her.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      Talk to her doctor about your concerns, including the rebound.

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      FOR MY 6 year old son my psychiatrist has started abilif at night and metthylphenidate 10 mg sr twice a day .he thinks that abilif will reduce violent behaviour liike bitting,hitting in my son and will be okay socially…ABILIF ,i stopped it before some time after his developmental paediatricians advise ….but my son started violence and anger when methylphenidate wears off during afternoon and evening …I WAS suggesting instead of adding abilif ,could we overlap doses of methylphenidate?but the psychiatrist refused.so now my son is on abilif again…now during wearing off of methylphenidate anger and crying is still there but violence is decreased. but this is not desired effect i was expecting..i think i should ask him whether he can start methylphenidate and atomoxetine at different time of day to reduce aggressiveness. .

      if anyone has experience having combination of both abilif and methylphenidate or methylphenidate and atomoxetine please share…THANK YOU.

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