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      My 6 year old son has always sucked on 2 fingers since he was an infant. We recently broke him of this habit about 1 year ago. Now I have found a ton of small white spot marks on his bed each night. He tells me he spits at night. Not on his pillow but about where his chest would lay. If I ask him why?? He tells me it’s really hard to stop but he is trying really really hard. They are almost like little piles of spit/licks.
      If he is watching TV or a tablet, he always wants to put something in his mouth… shirt, Fingers, etc.
      Is this ADD? OCD? Any suggestions on how to eliminate this? Thanks

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      Penny Williams

      Give him something that is ok to put in his mouth. There are lots of chew tools in occupational therapy shops and on Amazon. Chewelry is a notable brand.

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