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      For those taking 5HTP to treat their symptoms (e.g. Dr Amen’s Type 3 / Overfocused ADD category), do you take it in the day or night? I take it in the day with L-tyrosine currently. However, sometimes I find it overwhelms the L-tyrosine and makes me sleepy. I can’t find a smaller dose. I was thinking of taking 5-HTP at night, but was worried that the effect won’t carry through into the day. When do you take yours?

      P.S. Just for clarity, L-tyrosine on its own doesn’t work – just makes me super obsessive and negative!

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      This advice comes from a doctor who wrote a book that I have on my shelf:

      5HTP can be taken day or night. 50mg in the morning and 50-100mg at bedtime raises serotonin levels.
      It’s a good sleep aid when taken at night, one hour before bedtime. If daytime use makes you drowsy, take the entire dose (50-200mg) at bedtime. If it’s too activating, try L-typtophan instead.

      Try taking it at night and see what it does to you. Report back, because I’m curious!

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        Thanks for your helpful reply, Andrea! 🙂

        Your advice was spot-on. I found taking 5HTP at night works fine – it carries through in the day without making me sleepy like at night. But I think this is probably because I’ve been taking it (whether in the day or night) for months now, building up a good consistent dosage. When I first started taking 5HTP, it only worked immediately and not for longer than that.

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