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      I am a mother of a 4 year old who I know has ADHD but has not been diagnosed. I know this because I actually work in a centre for children with Autism and Challenging behaviours. I am really struggling to cope with it and I don’t know why as I am great at my job, but it is completely different when it’s your own child. So I have decided to change my child’s diet as I have read that gluten free foods and a number of vitamins/ supplements may help. Can anyone give me their views on this or some advice on how to go about it.

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      My son was diagnosed at 4 years old. He is going to be 8 in a 2 weeks. I am a kindergarten teacher and struggle with the same thing! It is so much harder with my own child. I cannot get my kid to do anything like I can at work. I have a lot of behavioral issues because “I am so good with troubled kids”. I have heard it a thousand times, but my own son is impossible to control!

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      I have been through this 4 times, I have 4 kids with ADHD. My two oldest boys are adults now and on their own but I still have a son and a daughter at home. I will say that I had more trouble with my boys. They were so hyper, impulsive, fearless, there were many times I thought I would end up in a padded room, locked up some where. I have read at least 18 books on ADHD, several parenting books, have countless hours in therapy with my kids. I tried the diet, kept them active in sports or some kind of activity. That did help to wear them out. It was when they didn’t have anything to do that would get them into trouble. I didn’t see any change until they were on medication. I have a grandson that is 3 years old and he is having a lot of problems. Problems at daycare with bad behavior. Not to mention he is non-stop destructive. He goes into a room and it looks like a tornado hit, 10 min later. He told me he was hungry, not a problem Nanny will get you something to eat. He knows, has been here so much, he sits at the table to eat. He can’t sit there more than a minute. He starts to get up and I say sit down and eat. I know I say this to him 10 or more times. There have been times he says oh yeah I forgot I am eating. I have talked to him about his behavior at daycare. I have asked him why he did something and he will tell me he knows its not nice. He can’t control himself it just happens. I have no doubt that things won’t get better with him until he is on medication.

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      My son is four year old five end this month waiting on cams appointment as I’ve seen closer he gets to five the worse he is . I’m trying so much but feel I can never please him he always bored being naughty not listening but I’ve no family support on it they all say I’m lieing he just a child nothing wrong with him but the school sees it to I they sent him for loads of assessments

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