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      Hi friends,

      I am 59 years old have had severe ADD since I was a young child, tried Ritalin in my mid forties but abused it and was using it to get high (it’s pretty much a tablet form of coke), then got fit which I believe takes away much of the ADD, then as you will if you have it, forgot that I could possibly treat it. What made me decide to try it was that I had my first son just over 3 years ago, was making serious job threatening mistakes at work, and read the advances in medication technology with pro drugs that make it harder to abuse and time release (both of which Vyvanse utilize).

      The titration process is a journey not always easy because of side effects but you have to keep a sense of proportion it’s something that will completely transform your life if it works for you so some short term pain is well worth it.

      The effects after finding the best dose and my body adjusting (side effects have gone away now) have been profound. Here’s a list, if you’re thinking about treatment I would recommend Vyvanse. During the titration period especially at the beginning my body or mind) was fighting it – some amusing situations were like an obstacle course, but my new found thinking capability enabled me to deal with it and come out the other end.

      If you don’t want to wait 2 years for a consult on the NHS I would urge you to find the £ 600 – 700 to go private (I used psychiatry UK they were fantastic), you can have a consult and get the meds within a week (if your diagnosed as having it of course). Once you’re titrated they’ll pass you over to your GP on a shared care agreement and you can get your meds cheap on prescription so its only a one off up front cost (I would beg borrow or steal the money if I were you).

      The doctor told me in my initial consult that medication is not a silver bullet, but to be honest (so far at least), if it isn’t I don’t know what is!

      1. Thought activated
      Messaging between synapses restored to normal function – I can actually sustain a train of thought! I can therefore think and issue or problem through and make good decisions/reach a properly thought out conclusion. Therefore the problem is not persisting and weighing me down, I sleep better have a better general attitude to life in general and am more relaxed overall.

      2. Time
      The ability to think frees up lots of time. Again related to thought, as I can sustain a line of thought I can plan to arrive for an appointment ahead of time, so that if something unexpected comes up I am not late but still on time. This has a huge knock on effect for self esteem.

      3. Self esteem
      Being constantly predictably late diminishes self worth and power – puts you on the back foot and makes you feel that others see you as irresponsible or not having proper respect for their time.

      4. Can listen and perceive what others are saying – major especially for business but for communication in general, for example:

      Prospects and clients – better communication and more interesting and bonding conversations leading to better business outcomes

      News – I can actually make sense of what the news reader or interviewee is saying, and am therefore much more engaged, informed and interested

      Songs – I can hear and understand the words and so enjoy the music so much more, I never appreciated what an important dimension lyrics are in a song!

      Family – they feel much more ‘listened to’ (and are) so communication so much better and relationships so much better as a result

      5. Prioritisation

      I don’t get hung up on things as I can think them through and not just do whatever I feel is most interesting even if it is not in my interests. I use this ‘superpower’ to set up rewards for myself to get things done (‘If I do this and that then I can do what I enjoy as a reward’). This means that I am now prepared for meetings and presentations instead of always feeling on my back foot and I am getting significantly better outcomes as a result, my business has gone from mediocrity to extreme success and professionalism, and I’m not exaggerating. I therefore enjoy my work more and feel pride in it.

      6. Organisation and procrastination

      As I now know that I can stomach bring work and complete it in one sitting, I write a list of things on the white board and order them not by how interesting or enjoyable I find them but by what needs doing in order of priority. This functions again like a reward system as it provides impetuous if the first 3 things on the list are things I consider as chores and/or boring, then I know that once I have completed them I can do what I really enjoy, this makes the boring aspect of the first things on the list less irksome, and I usually find that they are not actually that boring when I do them because they give me the satisfaction in compensation.

      I hope this help someone on their journey, kind regards, Mark

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      Thank you for detailing your experience, my NHS assessment recommends Lisdexamfetamine (non brand named Vyvanese)

      I haven’t had my meds appointment yet, I don’t want to go on meds. Or more specifically I don’t want meds everyday.

      You said you had to wait for side effects to go away. And I am worried that if I only want to use meds some of the time I am going to be battling constant side effects.

      (I am cautious with meds as my family has a history of side effects and I have other medical conditions to be cautious about.)

      I know every one is different, but would you be willing to share what side effects did you had?

      Also do you take a break from your meds or have them every day?

      Thank you for sharing.

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        Hi @ryoto

        Elvanse is the only brand of lisdexamfetamine available in the UK, there’s no generic.

        I did try taking a day off and it was awful, felt really grotty, tired and didn’t enjoy it at all.

        My pshyc did tell me I could taker a weekend off anytime as it doesn’t have to build up in your system like other meds, and I did have an enforced 3 day rest when I forgot to take my meds on a weekend away, after the first awful day I felt better each day and when I restarted on the Monday all was fine.

        I did discuss it with him on our review and he said that instead of completely going off I might try just halving the dose maybe for the weekend and he said it could help in avoiding building up a tolerance to it and then having to increase the dose which does happen to some.

        I think if you have a family history of heart trouble or high blood pressure then maybe try different non stimulant meds.

        Re side effect see my other reply but summary is

        1. Feeling ‘high’ euphoric for a few hours after it kicks in
        2. Feeling despondent/depressed/tired when I come down
        3. headache (really bad after I had a beer!),
        4. difficulty peeing,
        5. insomnia,
        6. high blood pressure, palpitations (especially after having a coffee which I sometimes do if I feel tired due to sleep deprivation)

        That’s about it and all have settled down now.

        Hope that help, Mark

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      @markymark, three months to find your ideal dose is pretty good. I’m 51, diagnosed 6 months ago, and still haven’t found that. I had a treatment interruption when my psychiatrist left, and my GP tried to manage my meds. After convincing him that I needed a specialist because of drug interactions & uncertain side effects, he gave me a referral to a new psychiatrist, but with the current medical situation in Alberta, I’m still waiting.

      One caution: If lisdexamphetamine (Vyvanse) affects your quality of sleep, your doc may prescribe quetiapene (Seroquel). Sleep aid is a common but off-label use for quetiapene, and it has a few common side effects that can make it undesirable, such as orthostatic hypotension: low blood pressure when standing up. For me it was so bad, I’d nearly pass out unless I focused on standing up slowly.

      , a lot of people are wary of being on medication regularly, but for a neurochemical imbalance, medication creates the situation that ‘normal’ people have already. Not being on medication is kind of like your brain putting you on harmful medication. I hope that makes sense; for me, medication has made a huge difference, even if I am still tweaking the dose.

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      After a few totally sleepless nights like the other side effects it has settled down and I’m now sleeping quite normally.

      I do find that if I am sleep deprived I can still feel it when I am on the meds, and I can even sleep (or rest/nap if not sleep) when I am on it, it relaxes my mind when I focus. Sometimes I do find that even though I feel tired my eyes are wide open, not sure what exactly determines that side of it, it varies but generally I have not ofund the side effects so bad on 40 mg, on 50 had really persistent headache, early on I could hardly pee, but maybe that was my prostate I’m having a PSA test to check, anyway like the other side effects once my body got used to it itt subsided.

      One thing I will mention which I believe helps a lot, I have a now year long habit of doing 4 x 80 press ups each most morning (normal, wide, narrow then normal to finish off), I believe if you keep your body fit then it will adapt to most things.


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      That is a very good and interesting ques but I havent encoutrered such yet, hope you get the right help from experts here

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