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      I am 27 years old and have been just diagnosed with ADHD. I can’t say I was very surprised, this was something that I had suspected for quite some time and never did anything about. If anything it was a huge relief. It explained a lot about why I have struggled so much in school, why I am the way I am. I have a learning disability as well, and I often wonder how something like this could be missed when I went through testing. The only thing I wish is that I had found out sooner in my life, and I wonder if my life would have been different had I been diagnosed and received treatment as a kid. Better late then never right? I decided to start by trying meds, to see if it helped with my symptoms. Since I have started on meds, I feel great! I can actually focus in my college classes, and sit still long enough to comprehend what I am being taught (before I couldn’t even focus let alone sit still). Not only that, but I can actually get things done at home and at work. Before, it was a challenge to get started on anything I wanted or needed to do. The best way I can explain it is when I started taking meds the “fog” was lifted. Meds are really helping me.

      I tend to rush through everything, and often times my teachers and husband has to remind me to slow down. That at whatever speed I am doing things at is ok, I will get it done. That it’s better to get it done right the first time, then to rush through it and make mistakes. In grade school, one of my teachers told me “It’s ok to slow down, let your mind catch up with your body” I didn’t really understand that she was talking about until now. I’ve been struggling with figuring out how to do that, does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve been trying to find ways to cope and haven’t been successful in finding any that work for me.

      My husband says that maybe going to see a therapist to help me learn how to cope with some of the things I am dealing with may be a good idea. Has anyone seen a therapist for ADHD? Does it help?

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      Penny Williams

      Medication and therapy together are the recommended treatment for ADHD — so many people see a therapist or work with an ADHD coach, or both.

      Here’s how to find the right therapist to work with:

      ADHD Doctor? Psychologist? Therapist? Finding the Best Treatment Professional

      And here’s more on ADHD coaching:

      ADHD Coaches: The Basics

      FAQ About ADHD Coaching

      And, lastly, some tips for slowing down:

      What’s the Hurry? 9 Time-Saving Tips

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