21yo Woman with ADHD and Newly diagnosed with ASD…. HELP

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      I am a 21-year-old Woman who was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and has now been diagnosed with Autism and I feel like I am trying to figure out everything again on top of trying to deal with all this COVID stuff and I am getting so overwhelmed and just can’t figure it all out. I don’t have any friends with either ADHD or ASD and would love to meet some people to talk to about this stuff and who understand.

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      I am a 49 yo woman who has been treated for adhd for about 10 years and was diagnosed with ASD mild at age 43. I am also a pediatrician and never saw that diagnosis coming, for i had only practiced in an emergency department at the time. I did not know much about it. I was both relieved and reevaluating everything in my life from an “Aspie” perspective. I have to say, it is still hard in a lot of ways. I have gotten a lot of support, but also harassed by other pediatricians. I have been fired for poor social skills in Feb 2020. My career requires a lot of communication so i hung on so far but it is not getting easier. I have a new job i should start in late aug so things are looking up. I would love to help you navigate your diagnoses. I am married to a man who mostly understands me, and have 2 kids. My almost 12 yo son is “neurotypical” and my 9 yo daughter has mild autism and severe adhd.

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