20 yo summer holiday fears

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      Hi all. Am mother to 20 yo with newly diagnosed inattentive ADHD, not on treatment as yet. She’s decided to go to Greece with friends this week, then back to back festivals until uni term starts. I instinctively know this is bad news as she tends to get into difficulties when stressed, and this sounds pretty stressful to me. Fed up of discussing that I think this is bad idea, and after a lots of prompting did manage to get her to buy travel insurance. Tonight she’s due to fly back home. Non stop missed calls when I was at work and couldn’t answer this morning, and she’s lost her phone so was using friends to let me know. Which is good, but she seems to have no plan how she’s getting home from the airport, I’ll get a train or something’, and now her flights been delayed and got a text saying there would be no trains when she landed. I am 4 hours away at least and have a dog, live alone so can’t just drop everything and rescue her all the time So I texted to ask her what she was going to do, got the standard ‘ don’t know’ and I’ve texted to suggest she stays overnight with a friend, and then head off again tomorrow. No response. She may or may not have got the message. I just feel so exhausted every time she does something like this which is stressful and may go wrong, and she either loses her phone or appears to have no plan at all apart from calling me. And we are only 2 weeks into the summer holiday. Any suggestions/ advice welcomed.

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