16 Year Old with OCD and ADHD

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      Penny Williams

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      My son is struggling with his OCD.  I used to think it was his ADHD that we had to primarily treat, but he was always showing anxiety since he was a small child.

      Now that he is a teenager, the OCD has come out and we are currently trying to find the right therapist. He takes concerta, zoloft and guanfacine and has for a while.  His dr. keeps upping his zoloft but it does not help.

      He is a computer geek and spends most of the time on his computer.  We do monitor this.  He washes his hands often and takes lots of showers.  Cleanliness seems to be his thing.

      He goes to school and has friends there and has good grades so I am thankful for that.  I just worry so much about him. He does not socialize outside of school and does not seem to want to.

      Just wondering if anyone can relate.  He is a sophomore in high school.  Just looking for ideas and support.  He is a good kid, just need him to be more at peace and comfortable.

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      Some kids don’t have the desire or need to socialize outside of school. Maybe by the time he gets home, he’s exhausted emotionally and needs to recharge in other ways. This is not a reason to worry or something that you need to fix or change; it very well could just be his personality and how he prefers things to be socially.

      I think the best thing you can do is let him decide things friend-wise and if in the future he asks for help or support, you can provide suggestions at that time.

      Joyce Mabe
      Parenting Coach, school counselor, mom of adult son with ADHD, author
      website: http://www.parentcoachjoyce.com

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