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      Hello folks
      we have a wonderful 13 yr old boy in Grade 8
      He was diagnosed with ADHD 5 yrs ago and has been medicated
      On the whole he has done pretty well and is on 2 concerta a day and also intuniv at night

      He does well in school he has a very high IQ of over 140
      The teacher called today to say that in last 6 weeks she has noticed some changes in him
      He is not staying on task, talks a lot and disrupts the class and she has to remind him to stay on task
      Nothing has changed on the homefront with us
      My wife and i are very happily married so zero issues on that side
      He is making lots of friends socially as well as this is a new school – we moved to another province in Canada 18 months ago

      My question is does he need a medication tweek ?
      He has done well on Concerta now for years and im hesitant to change to another medication
      He is already on 2x27mg or 54mg daily so im not sure if we can or should go higher . He is pretty small at around 100 lbs
      We have a meeting with his Paedi next week but anyone have any thoughts on this ?

      Otherwise hes a great kid, he doesnt show any disrespect or anything like that to his teachers

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      Puberty changes med effectiveness. My son is 14. We had to switch meds around 12/13yrs old.

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      ok thanks so did you move to a different med or increase dosage ?

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      Or it could just be puberty. Like regular non—ADD related puberty. One of the hardest things my wife and I have had to figure out (and we’re still working on it) is what is ADD related behavior and what is just normal adolescent behavior. (Our son was diagnosed in 3rd grade. He’s 21 now and still medicated.) You have to ask yourself, if my kid didn’t have ADD, how would I handle this, and then try that first, before looking for ADD related responses.

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      We had identical issue with our youngest son. Everything you typed is spot on for us too. Same high IQ, same grade, same med…
      I am not 100% sure but we concluded it was hormones. We took him for his annual check up a few months ago and he had grown 4 inches since his annual exam the year before.

      Titrating off medicine is not fun. We did it slowly, waited until after finals, and started it over winter break. We are lucky that the new meds seem to be fine.

      We switched him to Vyvance (10 mg) and Strattera (50 mg). We were on 20mg of Vyvance but switched him back down to 10mg because he was too quick to anger in the evenings. We have now settled in to this new combination and are hoping it will last us a few years.

      Also – make sure you look into taking Vitamin D3 and Omega3’s. ADHD brains need more of this than normal and we did a blood draw and found our son was really D3 deficient. I think adding these pills also has helped.

      Good Luck

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        Hi- my 13 year old is on 50 mg of vyvanse and 10 mg of methylphenidate for after school. It helps but he still struggles in school even though he is a smart kid – just don’t think we have hit it right – I feel like he may have mild anxiety too although was not found to be clinical .If you don’t mind can I ask about why you do strattera and vyvanse? I am wondering if he needs a dual treatment and I heard of this combination one other time but not often . Does the strattera help with anxiousness? I was going to ask his DR. about guanfacine to help with anxiety. I have tried a lot of different stimulants and doses but not combination – at a loss for next step Thanks

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      Loren E

      Dear Grodens,

      My doctor told me from the beginning of my son’s medication that I needed to take 48 hours off every week for maximum efficacity. And my son’s appetite also returns to voracious during the 48 hour med rest.

      My son has a mild appetite and going off the meds at the weekend is important.

      As far as dossage: I am 176 pds and take one 36mg time release concerta and my son (11 years) at 62 pounds takes one 18mg time release in the morning.

      Hope this might give you a comparison.

      Best regards,


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      When our son hit middle school (12-14 years old) lots of new issues appeared. We weren’t sure how much was Adhd, adoption or just general puberty issues. We started taking him to a therapist to help us sort through it all. She has been a life saver for him and our family. So many things are tied to puberty & growing up in general but our kiddos with ADHD seem to struggle more than the average kid . Having a third party involved to help him through these times, keep the communication open with us and help him learn some life skills too. I know lots of people don’t want to take their child to a therapist ; but for us & many families it’s extremely helpful.

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      We have had to do tweeking several times over the years. Two of those reasons are growth spurts and puberty. Sometimes it is by trial and error to find the ‘Goldilocks Effect.’ The effect that is not too little nor too big but ‘just right’…like the porridge, the bed etc..

      We found it was easier to take it in small increments in dosage.

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      thanks folks for the feedback

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      Dr. Eric

      What did he say when you discussed with him?

      When I hear about a recent behavioral change of any kind, I have a ton of rule-outs before I go down that road… the first of which is ruling out bullying.

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