13 year old with bipolar 2 and ADD

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      Hello. My 13 year old was diagnosed bipolar about 1 year ago. We knew something was wrong before that and numerous therapists told us to just take everything away from him and make him earn it back. We had him tested and it showed anti social features. He has been seeing a Psychiatrist and has been on Abilify now 10 mg per day. He is very disrespectful and aggressive and we have had to call 911 2-3 times over the year. He is on probation but that is a joke. We have the wrap around program and have had a behavior aide and neither one has made a difference. The only thing he does is play on his computer and if we take it away it’s war. The only time we can get it is when he’s not home. He has made our life living hell. I’m thinking of out of home placement as our only alternative. We are his grandparents and adopted him when he was 2. Mom is a meth user. He also has a 7 year old brother with ADHD who he is not nice to. The Psychiatrist doesn’t want to put him on a focus agent until he is stabilized

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      Penny Williams

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this (and that your grandson is going through this). It sounds like his medication is not effective or maybe even making his mood worse. It could be time to try a medication and/or dosage change. If his current physician isn’t willing, then get a second opinion or start working with another professional.

      I don’t know a lot about bipolar, but I imagine there is the possibility of in-home therapy to try first, before considering placement in a facility.

      Here’s more on bipolar:

      Bipolar Disorder in Children

      Solving the ADHD-Bipolar Puzzle

      Treatment for the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

      I hope you find treatment that provides some relief to your family soon!

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      You might want to check out danielamenmd.com

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      I would recommend getting a 2nd opinion. Was your grandson’s mother using meth or any other drugs while she was pregnant? Your grandson’s behavior may be related to that…..I have seen these types of behavior issues and anti-social behavior multiple times in children who are born to substance abusers. Bipolar disorder diagnosis is grossly over-used in the psychiatric community. It has become a catch all diagnosis for behavior outside the norm. You may want to read up on Oppositional Defiance Disorder. It often occurs with ADHD and is common in children who are born to drug and alcohol abusers.

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