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      My son was diagnosed when he was 9 with ADHD. He had started getting bad grades in 3rd grade and was being very aggressive. He would become so agitated that it would take hours for him to fully calm down. He would say things like wishing he were dead or and saying he didn’t want to live with us anymore. He started taking strattera 40mg and it was like a night and day difference. Fast forward to now, he’s 12 years old and takes 80mg. In July we were given automatically the generic form of staterra bc it was now available. He has been taking it for 2 months now. Over the 1st month we started to see excessive talking back. Then he has had a couple of outbursts similar to what he would have prior to taking medication. I truly felt the generic wasn’t as effective and even had our pediatrician try to get the brand name for him which was ultimately denied. (We will not pay cash for the brand name since it is over $600 for a 30 day supply). He is so oppositional with is why I think he has ODD. We are considering a different medication. The dr said to give it some more time but now that he’s been on it for 2 months we aren’t seeing much change. It is so frustrating. I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience w the generic straterra and what other meds they felt were successful for kids w ADHD that have odd as well. I prefer to not put him on a stimulant medication. I know behavioral therapy works along w meds for ODD. We see his Psych later this month. But he is so defiant and his constant constant constant taking back has me as his dad at our wits end!!

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      Penny Williams

      There was a fairly recent study that found that a stimulant medication coupled with Risperdal was most effective in treating ADHD coupled with ODD in children. Here are some more strategies to address defiance:

      More Than Just Naughty: Dealing with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

      It’s reprehensible that your insurance company will not cover brand medication when the doctor deems it “medically necessary.” We had the same issue with Concerta, but were fortunate that this terminology on the Rx from his doctor got it covered to be filled with the brand medication. Insurance companies are mistreating people by prohibiting them from accessing medications that were effective and improve their life. 🙁

      The Straterra manufacturer does offer a savings card that greatly reduces the price: https://voucher.strattera.com/savings_card/adult.cfm. Many drug companies have started doing this when so many insurers quit covering their medications.

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        Yeah it blew me away that the insurance would deny a medication the dr prescribed! I had already printed out the savings card to use in case it was approved by the ins to help pick up whatever costs the ins didn’t pay. We will prbly look at trying a different medication. I don’t want to go with a stimulant. I’ve read about intuniv and didn’t know if anyone else has had a positive experience with this medication.

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      At the end of last school year, my 8 year old started Guanfacine ER, which is the generic form of Intuniv. His doctor prescribed it, since his diagnosis was ADHD and possible ODD and other stimulant prescriptions can cause agitation, and he didn’t want that to get any worse. We moved up to 3 mg a month ago, and he is a different kid. He is so happy and cooperative! He was always a sweet kid, but the instances where he was stuck in defiance mode were starting to get more frequent and longer. So, we are happy with this med and dose. Good luck!

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        Thank you for sharing your experience. We go to my sons psych in 2 weeks. So we will talk about intuniv with him then!!

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      Aurora Hoobler

      Just as an FYI generic drugs only need 20%
      Of the original medicine. In addition
      reactions maybe different between generics. For example. I was able to tolerate the generic sutafed for CVS but the Kroger Sudafed made me dizzy.

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      Could also just be the age where you’d naturally see some defiance. Speak to your psychiatrist about your concerns.

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