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I know this response is a year past your original post, and I hope you have found some relief in that time. I came across this and felt compelled to respond, though. I am the mother of an 8 y/o boy with ADHD characteristics (no formal diagnosis) and a mental health therapist. I would never make a diagnosis without meeting someone and completing a comprehensive assessment, but I have to ask you: is there any chance your son could have experienced a traumatic event, any kind of abuse? You don’t have to respond in this forum, but I was immediately tuned in to the description of your son pooping in the shower. There are multiple explanations for this kind of behavior, but it is common among children who have experienced abuse. Additionally, many symptoms of post-traumatic stress mirror those of ADHD (not that it is impossible for a person to experience both). I am not writing to be alarmist, but because there you mentioned several behaviors that may be important to view through the lens of other explanations than ADHD. A good resource is the National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Best of luck to you.