Reply To: I talk to myself

Sam k

Oh gosh you mentioned ‘mental health ‘ I can’t cope with counsellors and psychologists (I find them to be a tad patronising, it’s almost as if they aren’t convinced you have a problem) . I thought ADHD was a neurological problem 🤯 will try to find the Rory Bremner film and the book you mentioned. Intuition and empathy !!! Yes I read people really well and have a very strong aversion to people who I perceive as not good people. I can read micro expressions really well, and I find myself being too nice to people, complimenting them too much and feeling sorry for people even when they might have done something wrong.
I also don’t know who to trust, in the past I have attended appointments alone as anybody I talk to is likely to run their mouths (that’s the trouble with so many women). I do need somebody there for moral support this time though.

Thanks and I will book an appointment this week.

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