Reply To: I talk to myself


Hi Inak,
I’m in the UK too. Just a couple of hopefully helpful tips for you:
1) Early on in the diagnosis journey its usual to feel grief for not being ‘normal’ and like everyone else. However i reached a point a year in when i dont want to be like everyone else and I’m proud of my differences that others don’t have e.g. ability to hyperfocus; creativity; innovation; high level of intuition and empathy etc. I hope you can reach this point too. There was a tv programme in the UK about Rory Bremner and his journey to diagnosis and it said in that in evolutionary terms adhd brained people were the lookout, the hunters, the adventurers in early societies… the vital cogs in the wheel therefore!!!!
2) to get diagnosed visit your gp and ask for a referral for diagnosis. A book with a great adhd questionnaire in in is called Delivered from Distraction. I scored on 90% of those questions, that pushed me to ask for a diagnosis too.
The gp will refer you to a specialist mental health team and you’ll be put on a waiting list. In my area the waiting list is a year. So get on it now! The assessment is about 2 hours plus they like to speak to a family member if possible for the historical information. You will hopefully then get a diagnosis a and discuss treatment options. In some areas of the country there are CBT for ADHD groups instead of meds. Mindfulness groups for ADHD are also being considered. Unfortunately meds are the main thing offered across the UK with not so many other options. Hoping this will change soon!! There are ADHD coaches available but You would have to pay for these. People diagnosed with autism seem to have more options available e.g. educational and coping skills group work than for ADHD in the UK.

I hope that helps! Good luck with it… or should i say “GO FOR IT”!!!