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Sam k

Hi alisin1
Thanks so much for your response It’s such a relief to share this with people who are going through the same.

My main concern is approaching my GP I hope he will take me seriously, if I am referred the drugs worry me but will have to see how it goes.
I just wondered if you have had any brain imaging, also did you see a neurologist or an ADHD specialist? I am in the Uk, this is something I haven’t looked into yet. Not sure how a diagnosis is actually made.

You mentioned spending a lot of time alone , I also do this because of the way I am I feel, I don’t fit Fit in and people don’t like me plus I can react angrily towards people if I feel they are not being respectful. If I’m agitated I can’t stand to be around people to be quite honest

Below re the negative comments which have been thrown at me:

You are not a people person
You complain too much
You don’t make friends easily do you
You are argumentative and negative
You’ve got a split personality
You’ve got 2 brains
You are never happy
You are not close to anyone
You can’t stand the sight of anyone
Someone said behind my back “she’s a jealous freak”
And “she’s not right in the head”

This is why I would not be able to tell anyone about it.

I’ve hadn’t lots of nice comments too from people I connect with they tell me, I am;

Talented , creative
Loving, caring
Good cook and baker
Good mum
Considerate, thoughtful, too generous
An all rounder

I wish I could be normal like everybody else, I might just have to accept the way I am and start pinpointing triggers and start looking at ways to manage them 😬

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