Reply To: I talk to myself


Key points
1. Cause is default mode network I think and wondering about medication status.
2. We must be mindful of our own persona we demonstrate in these spontaneous day dreams as we might not be able to stop them, but we can be mindful of their contents and steer them such that we can practice being the person we wish to be in life. We are just as responsible for our behavior in them, as we are outside in the world. Be aware that we don’t have feed back in our heads from
Others the same so that mindfulness of this fact is important.

I do wonder if you are medicated for adhd.

I would think it might help somewhat with this if I understand where it comes from

I think it’s our default mode network being active along with our task positive network. (Adhd add people have issue where they both activate at same time
When they are supposed to be inverse)

I believe stimulants can help with it if not already on it. As I know my dad does it and he always did it inside his head but also ended up still having small movement jazz hands so you could tell as he drove he was doing it.

If I’m rt about the cause again, meditation I belief can help as I’ve read that mindfulness helps the adhd brain partly because it kinda forces that brain activity I referenced earlier to kinda reach a better eqalibrium.

Also, I will caution you on one thing I learned about this behavior. I don’t do it a Ton, but I def do it.

1. Often they are reflections of how I want to feel inside or feel in situations. This is done mind you independent of any real world feed back. Words matter, if we describe our selves as the intense ass whole you need but can’t always stand, we will identify and be that person. It’s not healthy to think like that, it is healthy to take pride in who we are but know we are more dynamic than any ridgid belief we currently hold of who we are and it is this fact that once reconized allows us to grow as people.

In trying to watch how I related to people after going from #1 in my office for 2 years running to finding my self out of a job after we changed executives. (Has a guy similiar to me in charge then got a much calmer collected guy).

I realized I needed to change how I thought about my self not take pride Kim that but rather take pride in my commitment to improvment and truly reconstructing my self to be better in those situations.

During that period after job loss I had a lot of those moments pop up where I vented or had various discussions Go on.

I’m these Mak adaptive day dream, processing, just our brain thinking what ever we call it, I noticed the attitude and persona I had for my self wasn’t the one I wanted to take pride in any more, in realizing I could be different, I realized I needed to take responsibility too for how I acted in these day dreams as well. For if you think about it, the attitude we have in them
Is the same we will build and express in the real world.