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I can relate. Throughout my life ADD had caused me much hurt and trauma. I would get punished for forgetting things getting lost and daydreaming. Although my IS a bit above average i dropped out of school in the 8th grade because I could not find my classroom. And after so many times it just became to embarrassing. I took a bus to work at 16 with a transfer and although I rode the route many times when I forgot my transfer ticket and could not catch the next bus. I only because it was so cold excepted a ride from stranger i did not know in what direction to go to get home. He took me to downtown ally and raped me. That’s just one example. I could not hold job down because I was so disorganized. Our would show up for work on off days or vise versa. I have lost thousands and thousands of dollars due to forgetting dates and deadlines or losing paperwork it goes on. I was and am just miserable. I was out on skeletal for a short while and I felt my life change i felt human. However due to the addiction epidemic Dr. Are now reluctant and will not give me the only thing that gives me a functional life. I am to the point of suicid e yet my Dr believed it best to have a horrible life not worth living than to prescribe a addicting substance even though I have never abused drugs. I love in a small town and doctors are few. Well I may commit suicid e but at least I will not die an addict. People do not realize how many aspects of your life is impacted by ADD. Sorry to sound so depressing and I wish I knew what to do. I do understand though what you are going through. It is tough and sad. All I know to do is part for you.And me. I hate living in chaos and yet I can not fix it. Right now I have an insurance claim that I do not have the ability to get records together, so I just lose out. The sad thing is I have children so they lose out to. I recently lost my insurance because I forgot to renew.despite all the notes i left myself. Now that is costing me money I do not have. It never ends. I fear my daughter had it to and she is not getting the help she needs. Best of luck to you