Reply To: I talk to myself


I just registered my account because of reading this topic and it’s resonating with me.

I do this quite often as well and wonder why sometimes. It’s not bad for me when my wife or kids are home, but I’ve been working from home for a long time and tend to play things out loud when nobody is around. I pace and / or act out scenarios where I’m currently feeling stressed or anxious, I have conversations where I think I’m assuring myself of my position on a topic, sometimes I have dialog out loud to replay something I wish I could have said or done differently. And I frequently do this when I’m driving as well (I figure hands free phones, nobody sees me and thinks I’m crazy but if they knew I wasn’t on a call…). I do find myself wondering if this is a healthy coping mechanism, if it’s indulgence and / or rumination, if it’s anxiety / avoidance driven behavior (it does distract me from work a lot), or if it’s a symptomatic expression of why I’m on this site to begin with. And I’m anxious about getting tested because my GP has told me that ADHD medications can raise blood pressure and he wouldn’t prescribe any while I’m on TRT (which I take for low testosterone and it does help a lot though I’m getting my act together metabolically speaking).