Reply To: I talk to myself


Thank you for this! I do this too. I have played over usually social interaction situations in my head my whole life whilst awake unless distracted. . And because I think in pictures it’s like a film, replaying my day, and imagining conversations. It’s very tiring and makes me feel anxious and low if I’ve had a difficult day and interactions.
I try to notice I’m doing it now as soon as poss, but yes it’s 100% hard to stop because it’s a habit. So at a level of intensity when it becomes really unhelpful rumination, then I have to go to the gym, dig at the allotment or practice meditation.
I have recently been diagnosed with autistic spectrum after an adult diagnosis of adhd. Repetitive, visual processing, and socian sensitivity can be a part of autistic spectrum too I believe.
Thank you for writing this post, at least I know now I’m not the only one with this.