Reply To: I talk to myself

Sam k

Thankyou so much for your response, made me tear up. For years I have wondered what this behaviour is I checked through every psychiatric disorder trying to give it a name. Now I am convinced it is a neurological problem, my brain is wired up differently. I am not as guarded about it at times, for example when I’m driving I have started doing it. I sometimes wonder if it is a coping mechanism, maybe I am saying things I wouldn’t say to people in person. Doesn’t explain the behaviour in other family members though and I still can’t help linking it with dementia (there is a history of Brian disease in my family)
I have only ever been treated for depression because that’s what I told the countless counsellors, psychologists, GPS, nurses and psychiatrists.
I am going to see my doctor , I have asked my teachers and friends to write down any behaviours they have noticed about me, also going to take my best friend along with me for moral support, sadly I have experienced condescending behaviour from a couple of health professionals in the past. I am going to avoid them and speak to a different doctor, I’m going to ask them to refer me to an ADHD specialist or neurologist.
Thanks for reaching out 😊