Reply To: I talk to myself


I could have written your letter! I’ve been talking out loud to myself for most of my life. I view it in a few ways: sometimes it’s a way for me to rehearse what I want to say to someone so I can express myself clearly when I have the actual conversation. Sometimes I vent what I want to say to someone but can’t because it would be hurtful to them, but at least I can get my angry/frustrated feelings out. (I have an hour’s drive to work and my steering wheel gets a regular earful!) I also think that in a way, it helps me process and rehearse feelings I could face so that I will be ready “just in case.” Sometimes I feel a little nuts, but if this is the worst of it, I’m probably OK! I recently learned I have adult ADD (I’m 53) a little late to the party, but there it is. I will be starting medication soon, and have wondered if that will stop me talking to myself so much. My family is nice about it, they tease me a little, but they think “that’s just Mom” I mainly talk to myself alone in my car so I don’t have to explain to anyone. If you find that this is truly causing you anxiety, I urge you to see a therapist or physician. They’ve heard it all, and you won’t shock them. If it’s simply a way to help vent your feelings, take a long drive like I do and talk your heart out! I hope it helps to know you aren’t the only person out there who has serious conversations with themselves! cheers 🙂