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Sam k

Other behaviours alongside the talking out loud and daydreaming include:
*Extremely distracted by noises around me shopping, cafe, restaurants are a nightmare.
*I get bored, fidget and stare all around me
*I zone out a lot it’s worse when someone is talking to me, I have to ask them to repeat themselves.
* I am forever misplacing my mobile phone and keys
I can never relax, even on holiday
*i sometimes talk too much and become overly familiar with strangers (I am a makeup artist and ask too many questions and give too much away about my private life)
*i just can’t seem to get things done, I have piles of paper on my desk which needs sifting through, paper work is a nightmare
*i am finding driving more difficult to do
*i am extremely impatient, hate queueing, hate being interrupted, get angry over little things
*reading a book, watching tv, even writing is difficult, I can’t get my thoughts in order
*i have always had trouble making friends, I struggle to connect emotionally with even my own family
* i have started courses / projects many times over the years and dropped out, sometimes I’ve gone back and dropped out again
*some days I feel I can do anything, the following day I come back crashing down
*my thoughts, emotions and feelings are muddled up
*i have terrible mood swings throughout the day, I feel anger, despair, rage, jealousy and usually there’s no external cause
*i have extremely poor self esteem and self image
*i can feel uncomfortable even around people I know, I feel lost in places I am familiar with
* when I am in a strange place, I feel disorientated, I can be ill at ease with strangers
*i am worse when I am going through Hormonal changes such as menstruation and pregnancy
*my paternal grandmother had dementia and she was a lot like me, my father is the same, he’s reclusive and lives inside his head

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