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Penny Williams

There are a lot of career paths in art these days, depending on your medium. My daughter is an art major in her 2nd year of college. Ten years ago I probably would have freaked out at the idea of spending $40,000+ on an art degree. But raising a child with ADHD and autism (her brother) has taught me that there’s a lot more to a successful, happy adulthood than a healthy and steady income. My daughter is an illustrator, but she’s concentrating in animation because it’s an art-degree with an after-college career path and she’s interested in working in the video game industry. She will likely double concentrate, adding illustration or graphic design, to make sure she has an “employable” art degree. So, she gets to do what she loves, but she’s taking practicality into account too.

Think about the feeling of slogging through anthropology you have right now as lasting the rest of your life — day in and day out. Is that something you’re willing to take on a lifetime of? Yes, practicality is important to be able to support yourself, but there’s more than that.

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