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Yes this would bother me. This past year I saw a psych who prescribed 15mg IR 3x a day, which seemed to be working effectively but personally felt it needed to be tweaked a little bit. Well the follow ups ever since have been with his fresh out of college psychiatric nurse practitioner who thought it was best to switch to 15mg xr in the morning and 15 ir in the evening.

At the time I had no insurance coverage so I was concerned because the xr is 5x the price of ir. So when I suggested for cost savings purposes taking 7.5 mg ir then 7.5 mg ir again 4 hours later she was insistent that it would not be the same as the 15 xr.

Then she insisted I see a therapist for adhd coping strategies and threw out the example of maybe deciding on setting aside an hour after work each day to pay bills. Mind you I did not tell her I was struggling managing my finances but I assume this was her assumption based on me not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for a change in medication.

I felt like I was getting worked up so I just dropped it and my last follow up I tried to stay positive but I dont feel like she listens to my opinion. I also was upset that I got pushed aside by the original psychiatrist I made the first appointment with and now have to follow up with this young woman. I am a young woman myself but I just think she lacks the experience and I don’t want to be her guinea pig.