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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with telling a doctor that you’ve tried the medications and that they work. You have a history of symptoms. I doubt that anyone is going to think less of you for skirting the law to try to help yourself. Accepting medication offers isn’t “abuse”.

Still, if yu’re going to take medication, you need to go through a doctor who can consistently prescribe the same medication and with whom you can discuss your dose. Make sure it’s a doctor with ADHD experience. That doctor will probably be a psychiatrist. Doctors in other specialties have the authority to prescribe, but there’s a good chance that they lack the knowledge or experience to prescribe ADHD medication.

If they suggest other types of medication or treatment before Adderall and vyvanse, take those suggestions and see how you do. A doctor who specializes in ADHD has experience with the treatments.

What other strategies have undertaken to manage your ADHD symptoms?